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KBA RAPIDA 145-6+L CX FAPC // 2013

Product Enquiry

Product Description

Impr. 130mio

No Perfecting – straight press
CX Version
FAPC – full autom. plate change
Qualitronic Color Control inline color measurement
ErgoTronic ACR – autom. Camera register
DriveTronic Feeder
SIS – sensoric infeed system
Pneumatic side-lays
Ultrasonic double-sheet control
Optical misaligned-sheet and side-lay control
All cylinders with refined surfaces ( anit-corrosion )
Varidamp dampening
Baldwin CombiLiner
Ink temperature control
Non-stop in feeder // automatic
Tower coater with chambered doctor blade system
Varnishing supply system vor standard and UV varnish ( Harris&Bruno )
EESĀ  – Emission extraction system
Extended Delivery ( ALV2 = 2600mm )
KBA VariDry – IR / Hot-Air / UV dryers in delivery
Grafix Powdermax
Machine is raised 420mm ( on concrete )
Machine is water cooled