SM 74-5+LX 2006 (5)
SM 74-5+LX 2006 (5)SM 74-5+LX 2006 (8)SM 74-5+LX 2006 (10)SM 74-5+LX 2006 (12)

HEIDELBERG SM 74-5+LX — 2006

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Product Description

CP 2000
Pneumatic Pull-lays
Double-sheet control
Chromed Plaet cylinders
Chromed impression cylinders
Blanket washers
Impression cylinder washers
Roller washers
Technotrans CombiStar with Alcosmart // air-cooled
Tower coater with chambered doctor blade system
Extended Delivery
DryStar Combination // air-cooled
PowderStar AP 232
Eltex Advanced